To the Island of Paradise…

Bon voyage!!... Says the beginning of every journey. We set out hoping to meet companions. Evil and not-so-evil souls all around. Tough choice... Committing mistakes, a natural human tendency.... So worked-up. Unable to survive on this massive spherical globe... Result... Living in an imaginary self-created parallel universe. Everything seems so beautiful, so positive, so in... Continue Reading →


The beginning in the END…

Punctuations are like the cheez in pizza, salt in food, sugar in cake... Of course, I'm not here to take English lessons on punctuations but at the end of the day they give everything a meaning... Our every feeling is meaningless, life is senseless without punctuations...comma, full stop, semi colon, quotes, and of course my... Continue Reading →

A voice in the dark…!!

That's the way it is… We think, we feel, we understand, having lots to say… but the words aren't enough to express what we feel. I can list down the facts just the way we do it when we try to give a lecture… But those facts are just facts. All of us are well... Continue Reading →

A leaf from the tree of thougts…

One fine day... I was running... Running under the endless sky, looking 4 sth, somewhere, on the desolate endless road sandwiched by innumerous trees rushing past me, still I could feel the sun laughing at me, pinching through my skin. I could feel the sweat running across my face. I had no idea how long... Continue Reading →

When will the sun rise…?

Good morning…. Its a new day again. The same sun is rising at the same time from the same place, or maybe, as a science student I should say its the same planet rotating about its orbit in the usual manner, revolving around the sun in the usual manner, causing the usual phenomenon of day... Continue Reading →

Who am I???

Life is never easy, it never has been or will never be. And sometimes, when it is, its our moral duty to make it difficult…it doesn't require much hard work. Over thinking does the work… As humans we r nvr satisfied with what we have. And in order to achieve something that we believe we... Continue Reading →

A lesson of Life…

Lyf takes turns...we all know that, of course. But the fact we dont know is at what tym it'll probably take the turn. Its been a while since my journey of lyf began. Nd in this journey I got to see a lot, learn alot, be it from the facts or experiences. Which I'm sure... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my new blog…

Hi guys! I am Akanksha and this is my first blog so I hope it goes well and I just want ur help nd support for its success. I just wanna share my thoughts nd opinions through this blog. I hope u will like it nd appreciate my efforts. Taking the first step has never... Continue Reading →

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